Burgenland in Europa

Right at the centre instead of just on the periphery

The Burgenland - a province in the heart of Europe, in the middle of the Vienna Region economic area.

As a location for your company is concerned, it offers you a variety of advantages:

• Besides its unique cultural pleasures, the Burgenland also has various options for leisure activities, breathtakingly beautiful natural features and sociable people with a well-developed feel for the compatibility of work and life.

• A hub between east and west through its close proximity to Slovakia, as well as Hungary and Slovenia.

• There are three international airports within a radius of just 100 km: Wien-Schwechat, Bratislava and Graz-Thalerhof.

• Most of the locations are accessible via a high quality road network (A3, A4 and A6 in the North Burgenland, S 31 in central Burgenland and A2 in south Burgenland), some of which have rail links.

• The six Burgenland technology centres are directly connected to the Burgenland data highway via optical fibre cable network.

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